• LOCATION: Bozeman, MT
  • SIZE: 2,200 sf
  • STYLE: Mid-Century Modern

The Blackwood Home was a ranch style built in the 1970’s that was updated in order to match the owners' style and to give them more space.  Interior spaces were rearranged and walls were removed in order to create a larger feeling of space within in the living areas.  A small office was repurposed into master bathroom and the master suite was redesigned into a special space that connected to the outdoors. The unfinished interior of the garage was completed in order to add a spacious family room and laundry room. Throughout the house, windows and doors were added to create outdoor living spaces that look out onto the creek.  Trellis-like shading structures on the exterior protect the spaces from the harshest of the sun's rays while still allowing the sun to warm the space.  

STATUS: Finalizing the Design



Remodeling and Home Design