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5th Street Residence 2013

  • LOCATION: Manhattan, MT

  • SIZE:

  • STYLE: Traditional Modern

  • CONSTRUCTION: Finished Spring of 2013

While the front of this residential home is comprised of more traditional forms in keeping with he traditions of the neighborhood the rear of the home embraces a bold modern aesthetic. The wrap around concrete patio leading straight to the garden and yard offer easy cleaning and a beautiful view. 



Baxter Hotel Apartment 2015

  • LOCATION: Bozeman, MT

  • STYLE: Modern

  • CONSTRUCTION: Renovation Completed

The Baxter Hotel is apart of many historical locations found here in Downtown Bozeman. With its being built in 1929 the rooms used as apartments were in need of some renovation. When our client came to us we were more than thrilled to assist her in the revamping of this Baxter apartment. Reconnecting her years later, its so nice to see how a simple space can truly be made into a home.




Bear Creek Residence 2013

  • Location: Belgrade, MT

  • Size: 5,000 sf

  • Style: Montana Modern

  • Construction: New Home

This home sits upon a hill top with warming views of the sunset and sweeping view of the Gallatin Valley. The curved expansive living room focuses on the close proximity and bold features of the Bridger Mountains. Even the rear of the home creates generous outdoor spaces overlooking the Valley floor.


Warming colors add to any home


JKS Rendering BSOA for email.jpg

Beehive Basin Basecamp 2017

  • LOCATION: Big Sky, Montana

  • SIZE: 3,600 sq ft

  • STYLE: Montana Modern



Beehive Basecamp is a beautiful home in Big Sky, Montana that unfortunately suffered extreme fire damage.  We have redesigned the home to occupy the same footprint as the original home, including using the existing foundation.  There are many similarities but this was an opportunity to open the home to the beautiful landscape all around.  The client's favorite feature is the new corner window in their living room, which allows for an uninterrupted view.

living room1 sm.jpg
dining room1 sm.jpg
kitchen2 sm.jpg


Big Goose Barn 

  • Location: Sheridan, Wyoming

  • Size: 2,800 sf

  • Style: Traditional Barn Style

  • Construction: New Barn

When the client asked for a Studio and Workshop addition with a Traditional Western style, we gave them exactly what they asked for. A barn of course! With its spacious upstairs and expansive deck we have opened up a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. The view alone gives inspiration for the clients painting and writing, while the lower floor provides a large workshop area and space for washing up their four legged friends.

More photographs to come…



Blackbull Learning Center Concept

A concept project that has yet to become a full contract shows the Digital process of Architecture. 




  • LOCATION: Bozeman, MT

  • SIZE: 2,200 sf

  • STYLE: Mid-Century Modern

  • CONSTRUCTION: Renovation

The Blackwood Home was a ranch style built in the 1970's that was updated in order to match the owners' styles and to give them more space. Interior spaces were rearranged and walls were removed in order to create a larger feeling of space within the living areas. A small office was repurposed into a Master Bathroom and Master Suite was redesigned into a special space that connected to the outdoors. The unfinished interior of the garage was completed in order to add a spacious Family Room and Laundry Room. With the addition of windows throughout the entire home the beautiful view can be seen from every room in the house. 


It began with the cleaning out of spaces


Next Interior remodeling was made possible 


As was Exterior remodeling.


Although we are close to the finish mark, we still have some work to do. 


Stay Tuned. 



THE BRIDGER CANYON PROJECT Full Construction Spring 2019

  • LOCATION: Bozeman, MT

  • SIZE: ***

  • STYLE: Montana Rustic

  • CONSTRUCTION: Renovation

We begin construction on this Bridger Canyon home next Spring. Our hope is to bring a mix of Rustic warmth and Montana landscape to this home. With its outdoor seating and wide open skies this home will be a favored place among many. 


Stay Tuned

Bridger View Ranch 2016

  • LOCATION: Belgrade, MT

  • SIZE: 6,000 sq ft

  • STYLE: Western

  • CONSTRUCTION: Finished Winter of 2016

The space created at Bridger View Ranch is a Montana dream home featuring amazing views of Ross Peak in the Gallatin Valley and soft stretches of ever-changing fields. Structurally Insulated Panels ensure both efficient construction and efficient energy usage. In addition to the Flannigan Home Formation Architecture designed a linked Bed & Breakfast and Greenhouse. The owner has created his own Webpage detailing the construction process.


Exterior View


Interior View 

loft entry.jpg

Uniquely the Flannigan's requested a separate area of the home be made for Bed and Breakfast purposes. This route is great for those needing to pay off their home and building a unit for guests makes for privacy of the family. 



Circle F Home 2018

  • Location: Bozeman, MT

  • Size: 5,000 sq. ft.

  • Style: Montana Modern

  • Construction: Estimated Finish Winter 2018


Our main construction has come to an end on this beautiful project located along Hyalite Creek in Bozeman, MT. Landscape is a major influence on the design of the project accenting the creek with the groves of trees which protect it. We create a strong connection between the indoor living spaces of the home and the natural landscape. The unique design of the home allows for a variety of spaces and simple approaches to construction. Structurally insulated panels ensure the home temperature is well kept and solar panels will help offset the energy requirements of the shop. With some minor tune ups and trimmings this home will be complete.

2017-09-06 16.55.44.jpg

3 Convict Grade Conceptual.jpg

Convict Grade 2013

  • Location: East of Livingston

  • Size: 3,200 sf

  • Style: Organic Ranch Modern

  • Construction: New Home

Located along the Yellowstone River this home was built to resemble the Mountains that surround it. Finding inspiration through surrounding was a major part of this project. Facing the Absaroka Mountains inspired the shaping of the roof while the Yellowstone River is reflected through the curves of the building. Due to the home being previously lost to fire, this home was built to be fire resistant. With the addition of Durisol Block Construction and easy access to the outside through French doors this home should be safe from the wicked fire seasons.

More photographs to come

9 Convict Grade_5.jpg
4 Convict Grade Initial Design Art.jpg
Convict Grade 6-2006 (11)_3.jpg
Convict Grade 6-2006 (17)_3.jpg


Cougar Drive Continuing into 2018

  • LOCATION: Hylite Foot Hills 
  • SIZE: ***
  • STYLE: 70s Dress Up
  • CONSTRUCTION: Siding Redesign

When we came into this project it was a simple brown home like any other, but with a few additions it has been transformed. All home needed some Metallic Residing and Updating to inspire a new character. Add a pop of Lime Green color and you've got a completely new 70s Style home. 

main ex.jpg
main ex1.jpg

Residing the Window Front


Transforming the Garage


Stay Tuned


The Crestwood Inn Entries

  • LOCATION: Sidney, MT 
  • SIZE: 1,000 sq ft
  • STYLE: Modern
  • Construction: ADDITION

The Crestwood Inn is rent-assisted housing that received an updated look at three of their primary entries.  Exterior improvements were designed in these areas to create shelter from the elements at the primary pick-up and drop-off areas.  In addition, the entry structures use daylight and natural materials to create a warm and welcoming sequence of spaces.  The west entry features a new vestibule and glass store front, as well as extended waiting areas for the newly redesign bus drop off. 

Existing Entries

Design Proposals

1-13-16 Dawn Josephine_0051.jpg

Dawn Josephine 2016

  • LOCATION: Downtown Bozeman, MT
  • SIZE: Small Boutique Shop
  • STYLE: Modern Wonders of the World
  • CONSTRUCTION: Interior Renovation and Design 

Dawn Josephine is a boutique shopping store located in Downtown Bozeman, MT. With its worldly selection and unique pieces it no wonder why her store is still flourishing today. This project required a modern eye and a quirky outlook, we revamped some construction and interior design. 


1-13-16 Dawn Josephine_0011.jpg
Dry Creek Faux Wall Close-up Detail.JPG

Dry Creek  2010

  • Location: North Gallatin Valley

  • Size: ***

  • Style: Western Town

  • Construction: New Home

Located just below the Bridger Mountain Range this town style home is something out of an old Western film. With a variety in shape and color each area of the home resembles a unique shop making this horse ranch a favorite among any Western lover.


East Davis Home 2017

  • LOCATION: Bozeman, MT
  • SIZE: ***
  • STYLE: Modern Northside Bozeman 
  • CONSTRUCTION: redesign, addition, remodel 

 This project involved the renovation of an old Modern styled home to fit in with Bozeman's classic North side character.  With the addition of a Modern Apartment above we were able to provide more space and income for the family.  As you will see below the Apartment addition came with its own bathroom, kitchen, living space, and bedroom. An addition of a Mudroom leading up to the Renovated Staircase adds a flow to the home and provides easy access to the upstairs. A touch a lighting redesign and this home was transformed.  


With our eye for detail  


Any house will become a home.


Stay Tuned


Hawk Hill Bathroom 2014

  • Location: Bozeman, MT

  • Size: 50 sf

  • Style: Classic

  • Construction: Renovation

Improvements on this bathroom included a luxury shower and beautiful glass work among many others. The entire home is modeled after a now abandoned railway station in Winstone, Montana; Our goal was to extend this theme while adding a Classic designing finish.


The Skyband Addition 2017

  • LOCATION: Livingston, MT
  • SIZE: >1,000 sq ft
  • STYLE: Western
  • Construction: Addition/Remodel

This Livingston home has been remodeled to have the character of a Log Cabin. With two levels, bright lighting, and a wrap around deck this home will be a favorite for many. 

More photographs to come


Stay Tuned

Remodeling and Home Design